shipping & returns

We provide shipping options both for domestic and international orders. Rates will vary based on location and provided costs from shipping carriers. Custom and Duty costs are not paid in advance and will be incurred upon receipt, for international customers.
If you are located in the province of BC in Canada, you are eligible for $5 flat rate shipping.
Returns & Exchanges
At this time, we only accept exchanges and no returns.  If you are not satisfied with your order, you may exchange your product within 14 days of delivery. 
To complete an exchange, please contact us at borderlinebodysuits@gmail.comPlease use the template below for these communications:
Subject: {{order number}} request for exchange
Hi there,
I would like to exchange my {{bodysuit type & colour & size}} for {{bodysuit type & colour & size}}. You can contact me at {{phone number}} if you have any outstanding questions.
{{Your Name}}

Note that shipping charges for returns will not be refunded. If you've received the wrong item, or aren't satisfied with your order, please email us at for resolutions.